Together to victory!
Volunteering. Unity.
Mutual support.

SpilnoDiia - we unite the efforts of caring people from all over the world for the peace and the future of Ukraine.

  • We collect and deliver humanitarian and financial support for the Armed Forces of Ukraine
  • We provide medicines and humanitarian support to the clinics and military hospitals
  • We provide volunteer assistance for elimination of consequences ща military operations and anti-terrorist operations
  • The whole world is for us. We collect financial assistance from the EU, USA and send funds to the needs of the Ukrainian army, hospitals, as well as to people, suffered during the war
  • Informing russia and all the world about a full-scale war, what is really happening in our country
  • Fighting on the information front - collecting evidence of the russian war crimes
  • Collecting and sending humanitarian aid for victims of hostilities, evacuees and internally displaced persons
  • Participate in evacuation activities, if possible
Volunteering Unity Mutual support

It`s impossible to stay away
at a such difficult time for Ukraine

Our Ukrainian charitable foundation SpіlnoDiia deals with humanitarian issues of the ukrainians, suffering from neighboring country aggression.

Let’s stop the
war together!

On Thursday, 24 February at 5:00 Putin launched a full-scale invasion and started a war that has affected the life of every Ukranian.

First, there were fear and panic, then pride and faith!

Ukraine’s brave army continues to defend itself, not allowing Russia to conquer our largest cities!

And each of us has the power to help them!

How to help

Now We are all - one big heart that beats for Ukraine.
The help of each of us, even the smallest one, is a step to our victory over the aggressor.
You can help financially, humanitarianly, informationally or as a volunteer.

If you want to contribute money
Act together
If you can help with clothes, medicines, useful contacts, etc.
If you can help as a volunteer: transporting people and humanitarian supplies, pack clothes or perform other tasks, fill out the form
Info fight
If you can fight on the information front - fill out the form