About us


We are a charitable organization – we work on a volunteer basis and we unite everyone, who wants to help Ukraine survive in these difficult times.

We collect aid from the EU, the US and around the world. We unite the efforts of every Ukrainian and deliver assistance where it`s needed. You can contact us for support or offer your help.

Ukraine is on fire – this is our harsh reality. Russian invaders are destroying Ukrainian cities, killing women, children, civilians. They destroy our hospitals and kindergartens. They encroach on our future. While Armed Forces of Ukraine courageously stand guard over the Ukrainian future, we need to unite and take care of the present. About those who are in trouble, about children, people with limited mobility, the elderly and those who have lost their homes. Many Ukrainians need protection and the most basic things: water, food, warmth, and medicines.

We will help stop the genocide. Together we will do it. There is no other way.



  • We collect and deliver humanitarian and financial support to ZSU.
  • We provide medicines and humanitarian support to hospitals and hospitals.
  • We provide volunteer assistance to eliminate the consequences of hostilities and anti-terrorist operations.


  • The whole world is for us. We collect financial assistance from the EU, the US and send funds to the needs of the Ukrainian army, hospitals, and all the people who suffered during the war.
  • We inform russia and the world about a full-scale war, about what is actually happening in our state.
  • We are fighting on the information front – we are collecting evidence of war crimes of the russian federation.

Mutual support

  • We collect and send humanitarian aid for victims of hostilities, evacuees and internally displaced persons.
  • Participate in evacuation activities whenever possible.


Today, we are all one big heart fighting for Ukraine.
The help of each of us, even minimal, is a step to victory over the aggressor.
You can help financially, humanitarianly, informationally or as a volunteer.

Here is the DETAILS of Charitable organisation “SpilnoDiia” if you want to help with funds donations:
Recipient code: 40653292
Beneficiary’s bank: OTP Bank JSC in Kyiv
MFI: 300528
Account No: UA723005280000026004000020903

If you can help with stuff, useful contacts, etc.
Here are the ACTUAL NEEDs for assistance.