Humanitarian assistance for forced migrants and IDPs

We do not forget about the families of forced migrants and IDPs.

Children and adults need to settle in a new city with comfort. That is why we are actively working with your appeals on the social networks of BT “SpilnoDiya” on Facebook and Instagram.

We receive a lot of applications, so we try to process requests as quickly as possible. We apologize to those who have not yet been able to help.

In the photo – people who have already begun to arrange their lives in Zaporizhzhia and need help. We stay in touch and continue to send help if possible.

Charitable organization “SpilnoDiia” donates food kits, pillows, bed linen and blankets, hygiene products, children’s products (food, hygiene, etc.), clothing, etc.

Zaporizhzhia was met by almost 200,000 people fleeing the temporarily occupied regions or those where active hostilities are taking place.

So we encourage you to join in. Our Victory is very close!

Here are the details of Charitable organisation “SpilnoDiia” if you want to join the charity by funds donations:
Recipient code: 40653292
Beneficiary’s bank: OTP Bank JSC in Kyiv
MFI: 300528
Account No: UA723005280000026004000020903