AFU struck at the russian garrison on Zmiinyi island.

The military operation against the occupiers on the Ukrainian island is currently underway.

The Ukrainian military inflicted a concentrated blow on the occupying garrison on Snake Island, as a result of which the russians suffered significant losses. This was announced on Tuesday, June 21, by the operational command “South”.

“The island of Zmiiny was dealt a concentrated blow with the use of various forces and methods of destruction, during which what the racists proudly called the island garrison takes into account significant losses. The military operation continues and needs information silence until its completion,” – the Facebook message reads.

The agency also reported that in the south of the Armed Forces continue to push the enemy to the east and inflict losses on the occupiers. In particular, on the morning of June 21, Ukrainian helicopters struck at a concentration of russian manpower and military equipment.

As of 3 p.m., Ukrainian missile and artillery units have completed more than 100 fire tasks a day, the results of which are being clarified. It is currently known about the destruction of 26 occupiers, a russian tank, a multi-purpose armored tow truck, 3 armored vehicles and 4 trucks.

“The situation in the operational zone of the defense forces of the south of Ukraine is difficult, but controlled,” – the South Command said in a statement.

We will remind, in the morning on June 20 the Ukrainian military struck on Chornomornaftogaz drilling rigs which russians seized during occupation of the Crimea in 2014. It is also known that the russian military was there, there are dead and missing.

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