EU ambassadors approve sixth package of sanctions against russia.

This package includes a partial oil embargo against russia.

The EU ambassadors approved the sixth package of sanctions against russia, which launched a full-scale war against Ukraine on February 24. This was announced on Twitter by Radio Liberty journalist Ricard Jozwiak.

According to the journalist, the head of the russian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Kirill of moscow, did not get into the sixth package of sanctions.

“The 6th package of EU sanctions against russia was adopted by the ambassadors to the EU. Patriarch Kirill is not included,”– Jozwiak said.

New restrictions for the terrorist state should appear in the Official Journal of the EU tomorrow.

At the same time, UNIAN, citing French media, reported the details of the sixth package of sanctions against russia, which was agreed today. The new package of sanctions reportedly provides for:

  • Sanctions against security and military personnel, industrial and technological organizations, oligarchs, propagandists and their families
  • A ban on oil imports from russia by sea, which, combined with decisions by Poland and Germany at the national level, will reduce 92% of russian oil imports by the end of the year
  • Disconnection from the Swift system of three russian banks, including Sberbank, and one Belarusian bank
  • Expanding bans on exports to russia, including chemicals and high-tech goods
  • Ban on providing services to the russian oil sector
  • Prohibition of three russian media outlets involved in spreading propaganda
  • Ban on consulting services for russian operators.

The official publication of the text of the decision is expected on Friday, June 3.

On May 31, the European Union approved a sixth package of sanctions against Russia, including a partial ban on Russian oil exports. It does not apply to oil supplied by pipelines. However, Russian oil imports to the European Union could fall by 90% by the end of the year.

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