Five victims of the bombing of a five-story building in Bakhmut.

A russian air strike on a five-story building in Bakhmut, Donetsk region, killed five civilians, including a two-year-old child. Four more residents were injured. The russians dropped a bomb on a house today, May 17, and retrieved the bodies of two people from its rubble, the Donetsk regional prosecutor’s office said.

Rescuers found the bodies of a 35-year-old woman and a 2-year-old child in the process of dismantling the debris on Wednesday. The deaths of 43-year-old and 44-year-old men and a 75-year-old woman were reported on Tuesday (May 18th).

Among the four injured are three minors aged 9, 12 and 17.

An air bomb that fell on a five-story building destroyed its structures from the fifth to the first floor. Law enforcement officers have launched an investigation into the bombing of a residential building under the article “Violation of the laws and customs of war.”

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