Mariupol: 5,000 people died at least, 90% of the city was destroyed.

Approximately 120,000 people remain in occupied Mariupol, which has been blocked by russian invaders. This was announced by the head of the Donetsk regional military administration Pavlo Kyrylenko.

According to him, 450,000 Mariupol residents lived in the city permanently. Some of them, about 140 thousand, left before the blockade, ie before March 1. At least another 30,000 people were forcibly deported to uncontrolled territory and to russia.

– As for the victims in Mariupol, the situation is approximate. We count at least 5,000. But these are exclusively civilians. The military can be counted after the survey of the entire city, – said Kirilenko.

He also added that russian troops had almost completely destroyed Mariupol. 90% of the city’s infrastructure is not subject to restoration, or is subject to partial.

The day before, Mariupol Mayor Vadym Boychenko said that, according to preliminary estimates, almost $ 11.5 billion would be needed to restore the city’s infrastructure.

According to him, now the city authorities are working on a plan to restore Mariupol. The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development is involved in this process.

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