Russian troops have begun retreating from Kyiv – intelligence reported.

US intelligence is watching the withdrawal of russian troops from Kiev.

This was reported by CNN, citing high-ranking sources.

Russian battalion tactical groups have already left some areas adjacent to the Ukrainian capital.

In American intelligence, the flight of russians was described as a serious strategic shift.

They added that russia could cover the retreat with air and artillery bombardment of Kyiv.

But US officials say russian troops could return to active confrontation if combat conditions allow.

Such data is provided by US intelligence after the talks in Istanbul between the delegations of Ukraine and russia. There, the russian side announced that it was drastically reducing military activity in the Kyiv and Chernihiv areas.

It is also worth noting that the Kremlin has sharply developed rhetoric about Ukraine. They say they will focus on “the liberation of Donbass, as previously planned.” But then a lot of questions arise: why compare Kharkiv, Sumy and other northern cities and villages with the land? Why did you come to Chornobaivka more than 10 times? There are usually no answers to these questions.


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