AFU liberated another village from the russians in the Kherson region.

The Armed Forces regained control over Potemkin.

The military said that local residents heaved a sigh of relief after the village was liberated from the invaders.

The armed forces of Ukraine freed the village of Potemkine from the russian invaders, which is located in the Beryslav district and is part of the Visokopil community.

“Servicemen of the 60th Infantry Regiment carried out a successful offensive, during which they repelled several enemy counterattacks, destroyed invading BMPs and tanks, and also “hunted down” one “Tiger”. The local population of Potemkiny breathed a sigh of relief, and the Ukrainian military is satisfied with the result,” – the report said.

We will remind you that most of the Kherson region came under occupation in the first days of the war. However, Ukrainian soldiers have already liberated many settlements

On June 28, the “South” operational command reported that the russians tried to regain lost positions, including in the Potemkin region, but failed.

We will remind that on June 30, Ukrainian soldiers knocked out the russians from Zmiyny. But russian propaganda presents the escape of its soldiers as a “gesture of goodwill.” However, similar formations were used there even after the defeat in Kyiv region and Chernihiv region.

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