The russians shelled Slovyansk with cluster shells. There are dead.

Four people died, seven more were injured.

The Lymany neighborhood, where there are no military facilities, came under shelling with cluster shells

In the evening of July 1, the occupiers shelled Slovyansk, there were dead and wounded. As a result of shelling with cluster shells, four people died and seven were wounded.

“The Lymany microdistrict came under fire, namely Barvinkivska, Pidhirna, Danylevsky streets. This is a private sector where there are no military facilities,” – Vadim Liakh, head of the Slovyan City Military-Civil Administration, said on Saturday morning, July 2.

According to him, the city was shelled with cluster shells that open overhead and cause death. They do not cause total destruction to buildings, but they are very dangerous for people: 90% of those killed and wounded were on the street.

Vadym Lyakh also urged to avoid mass gatherings of people. For the safety of the residents, the delivery of humanitarian aid, which was supposed to start today, will be temporarily suspended. Depending on the security situation, it may resume on Monday, July 4.

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