The russians struck with cruise missiles in Odessa, there are dead.

According to preliminary data, eight people were killed and 18 others were injured in the strike.

On Saturday, April 23, the russian military fired cruise missiles at Odessa, one of which hit a residential building. This was reported by “Public”. The shelling killed eight civilians, including a three-month-old baby.

At 13:20 an air alarm was sounded in Odesa and the region. Ten minutes later, citizens heard explosions. A total of four powerful explosions were reported.

The South Operational Command noted that the missiles hit infrastructure facilities.

The missiles were launched by russia’s Tu-95 strategic aircraft from the Caspian Sea. It is stated that the soldiers of anti-aircraft missile units destroyed two enemy cruise missiles fired by the enemy in Odessa and 2 UAVs of operational and tactical level, which allegedly corrected the flight of cruise missiles and posed active obstacles to air defense.

According to the Duma, a residential building caught fire as a result of the impact. Its inhabitants were evacuated, a rocket destroyed part of the apartments. It is also known about the fire of several cars in the parking lot near the house.

According to the head of the Security Service Andriy Yermak, 5 Ukrainian citizens have been killed and 18 wounded so far. Among those killed was a three-month-old baby. Later, President Volodymyr Zelensky said that the death toll had risen to 8.

The X-101 high-range cruise missiles were probably struck.

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