War for Ukraine: 1 day of invasion. Zmiinyi Island.

“Russian ship, idy na …!”: Defenders of the Serpent responded to the enemy.

Everyone has heard the well-known response of Ukrainian border guards on Snake Island in southern Ukraine to the russian aggressor’s demand to surrender.

On February 24, two unrecognized targets approached Ostriv Zmiinyi (Zmiinyi Island). The occupiers threatened to demand that the Izmail Border Troops surrender. The aggressor used the international channel of communication on safety of navigation.

Details: According to the record, the russians are demanding that Ukrainian border guards serving on Zmiinyi Island surrender.

“I am a russian warship. I offer to lay down our arms and surrender to avoid bloodshed and unjustified casualties. Otherwise, you will be bombed,” the enemy repeated twice.

Literally the answer of the Ukrainian soldiers: “russian warship, idy na …!”.

The occupiers fired on Zmiinyi Island from the ship’s barrel, then used combat aircraft.

Late in the evening, the State Border Guard Service reported that communication with border guards on Zmiiny was lost, and the island was probably captured by the enemy.

As it became known later, the Ukrainian border guards who defended the Zmiinyi Island from the russian army, who were considered dead, are actually alive and in russian captivity, the press service of the Naval Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported.

Zmiinyi Island is an island in the Black Sea that belongs to Ukraine and defines its territorial waters. Residential buildings on the island form the village of Bile, Izmail district, Odessa region. The distance from the island to Odessa is 120 km. Territorially it belongs to the Vilkiv city community of the Izmail district of the Odessa region.

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