War for Ukraine: 22nd day of the invasion. Evacuation and the main.

On March 7, 2022, the following humanitarian corridors were open:

  • Mariupol-Zaporizhzhya: more than 1,000 people used it. According to the Zaporizhzhya authorities, 470 cars arrived in the city with 1,865 people, 479 of them children. 125 children from a boarding school were taken out of occupied Berdyansk.
  • Kyiv region. Residents of Borodyanka and Shevchenkove were able to leave their destroyed settlements. Gostomel and Bucha received food and medicine.
    In total, according to Iryna Vereshchuk, Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine, 3,810 people were evacuated through humanitarian corridors on March 17, and 40 tons of food and medicine were delivered.

The humanitarian catastrophe is observed in such settlements of the Kyiv region as Ivankiv, Dymer, which have been occupied since the first day of the invasion, from February 24, 2022.

Mariupol and Kherson remain under heavy blockade by the occupying forces. Occupying troops left the city of Oleshka, Kherson region.

In Chernihiv, the occupiers fired on civilians who were standing in line for water, there are dead, including a US citizen.

Artillery shelling and air strikes were observed in Severodonetsk, Kherson, Mykolayiv and Zhytomyr regions. In the Kharkiv region alone, 49 shellings by Russian troops were observed during the day.

Fighting is taking place on the territory of the Dergachiv Tergromada of the Kharkiv Region.

The struggle of the Ukrainian people for their freedom continues …