War for Ukraine: 23rd day of the invasion. The situation in Mariupol.

Despite continuous fighting and shelling, the evacuation in Mariupol continues. It is most difficult for the residents of the left bank to leave the city.

This information was shared by the head of the Donetsk military administration Pavlo Kyrylenko on the evening of March 18 on the air of the Ukrainian telethon.

He stressed that Putin’s aggressors, in addition to daily war crimes against civilians in Mariupol, continue to massively shell critical enterprises in the city.

Pavlo Kyrylenko noted that the air bombs dropping Russian troops on Mariupol weigh more than 500 kg.

The evacuation from Mariupol is underway, it is quite difficult. Russia is in no hurry to let children, women, the elderly, understanding where they are moving. But we will not stop until everyone who has such a desire leaves.

Both the left bank and the center of Mariupol are fighting. Both street fights and tank fights. The shelling of the city’s two main metallurgical giants – and heavy artillery shelling. And aviation works very hard at the enterprise.

The connection did not appear, there is no connection from the word at all. Air bombs are dropped from enemy aircraft weighing more than 500 kg. It is most difficult for people to evacuate from the left bank. But even those people who leave Mariupol on foot are met.

People are doing everything and begging to be taken to the territory of Ukraine. But there should be no panic – there should be a clear understanding of how difficult people are, but we are working, we will definitely decide.

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