War for Ukraine: 27 days of invasion. Military reports.

On February 24, 2022, after eight years of hybrid warfare, Putin launched a full-scale offensive against Ukraine.

We report what happened during the 27 days of Ukrainian resistance against the Russian invaders.

The situation in the regions at 8 am on March 22, 2022:
• Kyiv region: During the night – several air alarms throughout the region. Fights and shelling in Makarov, Irpen, Gostomel, Bucha, Vorzel. The village was shelled at night. Shpytky, Dmytriv community. In the Fastiv district in the morning a cruise missile hit the village. Aspens. Damaged private homes. The information is being clarified.
In places of hostilities – settlements near the Zhytomyr highway, north of Vyshgorod district, some settlements in Brovary district – a humanitarian catastrophe. Slavutych is isolated.
• Chernihiv region: Several air alarms per night. Defensive battles near Chernihiv. There is currently no information on the destruction and deaths. The city and the region remain in an extremely difficult situation.
• Sumshchina:The shelling of the suburbs of Sumy lasted all night. There was also an air raid throughout the region.
The night was restless in Okhtyrka district as well. Information on the destruction and casualties is being clarified.
• Zhytomyr region: There were no rocket bombings at night.
• Kirovohrad region: In the Kirovohrad region of the past day – several protracted air alarms. In the morning – also sirens.
• Dnipropetrovsk region: March 21 during the day and 22 in the morning – shelling of settlements on the border with Kherson region. There is destruction. There are no victims in advance. In the morning – anxiety.
• Kharkiv region: In Kharkiv, the occupiers’ shelling of civilian infrastructure intensified, and the information about the victims is being clarified. In the region, active hostilities in Izyum.
• Zaporizhzhia region: The night passed quietly. In the morning – alarm.
• Volyn: The night passed quietly.
• Vinnytsia region: The night is calm, in the morning – air alarms.
• Transcarpathia: The night passed quietly. In the morning – anxiety.
Khmelnytsky region: the night passed relatively calmly. In the morning – anxiety.
Ternopil: in general, calm. Air alarm in the morning – continues
• Cherkasy: overall stable, there are air alarms.
• Lviv region: the night passed quietly.
• Poltava region: the night passed calmly, in the morning the air alarm continues.
• Rivne region: During the past 24hrs, there have been 7 air strikes. The missile strikes took place yesterday at the beginning of the day, as well as in the evening. Each time – on military infrastructure. This morning – one air alarm.
• Chernivtsi: in the morning – air alarm.
Ivano-Frankivsk: at night and in the morning – air alarm.
• Luhansk region: The shelling of cities continues. An air strike was carried out on the Mountain Community.
A total of 14 fires were destroyed on March 21, 25 facilities were destroyed.
• Donetsk region: Air strikes on Ocheretyn and Avdiivka, rocket artillery shelling of Krasnohorivka and Maryinka. In Avdiivka – 5 dead, 20 wounded, large-scale fires and destruction of housing.Volnovakha and the area – hard sweeps. Mariupol is under siege. He fires aircraft, ships, jet artillery. The military heroically defends the city.
• Mykolayiv region: The night passed relatively calmly, in the morning on all area – air alarm.
• Kherson region: The past day in the Kherson region was marked by a series of explosions and artillery shelling in all areas of the region.
Leaflets allegedly from the commandants began to appear in the regional center with the rules of stay in the city and the ban on rallies, curfew.
• Odesa: One air alarm at night and in the morning lasts.

The shelling of the night of March 21-22:
• In the Kryvyi Rih district, Russian invaders fired on the town of Zelenodolsk and the village of Mala Kostromka in the suburbs from Gradiv. Dwelling houses were destroyed. According to preliminary data, there are no victims.
• In the Nikolaev area occupiers fired at gas stations. Three men were killed and one woman was injured.
• Russian troops fired on two settlements in Dnipropetrovsk region on the border with Kherson region. There is destruction. No one was killed.

Situation in Ukraine:
In the temporarily occupied Berdyansk, the occupiers abducted Oleksandr Ponomaryov, a People’s Deputy from the OPZH, and his enterprises stopped work in protest.

The Russian occupiers looted and destroyed the newest laboratory for 6 million euros in Chernobyl.

The head of the Sumy Regional State Administration Dmytro Zhyvytskyi reports on the critical situation in the temporarily occupied Trostyanets in the Sumy Region.

The occupiers do not allow the dead to be buried, they go from house to house and take away weapons, in particular from hunters.

Residents of the community give birth right at home because they cannot get to the hospital.

Good report from the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on March 22:
– The occupiers proceeded to the total destruction of critical infrastructure
– in cities and villages that resist the invaders, they resort to looting and violence against civilians
– The Armed Forces continue to hold the occupied frontiers, conduct reconnaissance of the enemy in all directions of his advance and inflict fire damage on him with available forces and means
– in the Donetsk and Luhansk directions the enemy tried to advance and gain a foothold – had no success
– military-political leadership of Belarus continues to provide Russians with its airfield and transport network, some hospitals
– there is a possibility of involvement of the Armed Forces of Belarus on the side of the Russian Federation. But, according to available information, a large number of personnel and some commanders refuse to do so.
Representatives of the so-called “DPR” seized an evacuation column with SES officers on an agreed route near Mangush near Mariupol.
A truck and two buildings were on fire in the Obolonskyi district of Kyiv as a result of enemy shelling. – DSNS
Due to minefields around Kryvyi Rih, a car of a sabotage and reconnaissance group of the Russian occupiers exploded in one of the fields.
The Russians will continue to brutally shoot Ukrainians.
In the Kharkiv region, a Russian tank shot down a car with a family of two children – two adults and a 9-year-old daughter were killed and a 17-year-old son was injured.
In the Sumy region, the enemy fired on pensioners riding bicycles to the hospital – a 59-year-old woman was killed and her husband was injured.
In Severodonetsk in the Luhansk region, the Russians aimed at a shop, the number of dead and wounded is being determined.

Latest news from the front:
• In the Rivne region, Russian troops struck three times over a military infrastructure.
• The occupiers fired from a plane at the Lysychansk refinery, which is owned by Russia’s Rosneft.
• During the day, Ukrainian defenders repulsed three attacks by Russian troops in the area of ​​the East Operational and Tactical Group.
• Ukrainian defenders in the Kharkiv region repulsed an attack by Russian occupiers from combat helicopters.
• The occupiers destroyed a vegetable store and a sausage shop near Kyiv. Losses – 600 million.
As a result of the shelling of the city of Lozova, Kharkiv region, by Russian troops, 1 person was killed and 9 were injured. In addition, about 20 private sector buildings were destroyed.
In the Odessa region, the Russian occupiers fired 5 missiles at one settlement, no one was injured.
In the Luhansk region, the occupiers destroyed 15 houses in one day.
Operational information from the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine:
• The enemy made more than 80 flights, including 29 from the airfields Baranovichi and Bobruisk, located in the territory of the Republic of Belarus
• Bomber, assault and fighter jets were involved in the strikes. In order to conduct air reconnaissance of objects on the territory of Ukraine, the enemy used five reconnaissance aircraft
• Despite active propaganda, the personnel of some units of the Central Military District are demoralized due to significant losses
• Cases of mass refusal of Russian occupiers to take part in the war continue to be recorded – in the 155th separate brigade of marines since the beginning of the war about 220 servicemen refused to take part in the armed aggression against Ukraine
• The death of senior and senior officers in the Russian-Ukrainian war also causes a great resonance in Russian society.
• The enemy has significant problems with the logistics of groups in almost all directions. In addition, the occupying forces continue to suffer significant losses due to an inadequately organized medical supply system
• The Air Defense Forces destroyed three air targets in the Slobozhansky direction.

Losses of Russians as of March 22:
• personnel – about 15,300 people
• tanks – 509 units
• combat armored vehicles – 1556
• artillery systems – 252
• multiple rocket launchers – 80 units
• means of air defense – 45 units
• aircraft – 99 units
• helicopters – 123 units
• automotive equipment – 1,000
• ships / boats – 3