War for Ukraine: 30 day invasion. Combat reports.

Friday 25 March is the thirtieth day of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The occupiers are changing the tactics of warfare, overturning their troops, but so far they have not been able to enter any large city, except for Kherson. Ukraine adequately resists the enemy and wins back its territory.

According to Ukrainian intelligence, more and more Russian servicemen are going over to the side of Ukraine with weapons in their hands. At the same time, the international community continues to impose sanctions against russia.

Air Force Summary. For March 25 destroyed the enemy:

  • three aircraft
  • three UAVs of the Orlan-10 type
  • one helicopter in the parking lot
  • at least five cruise missiles

Daily summary from the General Staff for March 25:

– during the current day, there were no significant changes in the tactics of the enemy’s actions. He focused on replenishing current losses, regrouping and strengthening existing units, as well as on artillery and air strikes – both on military targets and on civilian ones.

– as a feature, it should be noted the movement of additional artillery units to the border with Ukraine (data to be confirmed)

– the enemy is trying to prepare for the introduction of Russian rubles into circulation in the temporarily occupied territories of the Kherson and Zaporozhye regions

– in the Kharkiv region, the enemy blocks the movement of the civilian population by establishing a network of checkpoints

– the invaders do not stop trying to suppress the resistance of the inhabitants of Kherson, Genichesk, Melitopol.

Regarding the actions of the enemy in certain areas:

– the enemy did not carry out offensive operations in the Volyn direction. The involvement of Belarus in the war remains probable.

– in the Polessye direction, the enemy continued to fire at the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in certain areas.

– in the Seversky direction, the enemy concentrated his main efforts on maintaining the previously occupied lines, continued to strengthen his positions and fire at individual units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

– in the Slobozhansky direction, in the Sumy region, the main efforts of the enemy were concentrated on securing and holding the previously occupied lines.

In the Kharkov region, the enemy continues to try to block the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, inflicting defeat on the infrastructure and defense facilities of the city. He is trying to increase efforts in the direction of Izyum by moving additional units and equipment.

– in the Donetsk direction, the enemy continues to regroup in order to resume offensive operations in order to reach the administrative borders of Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

– in the Yuzhnobuzhsky direction, the enemy is trying to restore combat capability, replenish supplies in order to resume offensive operations.

During the week, 37,606 people were evacuated through 18 humanitarian corridors in Ukraine.

In the Odessa region, Ukrainian air defense forces shot down three Russian sea-based missiles.

Vinnitsa is under rocket fire, the head of the military administration, Sergei Borzov, asks residents of the Vinnitsa region not to ignore air raid signals. 6 missiles were fired at the city, some of them hit the local Air Force Command.

Operational information from the General Staff:

– The enemy restores combat capability, replenishes ammunition and fuel and lubricants to resume offensive operations.

– The defense forces defending Kyiv continue to repel the enemy’s offensive, inflict fire damage on him and hold certain lines.

– In the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine, the invaders continue to terrorize the local population, carry out the forced removal of people to the territory of the Russian Federation. In order to intimidate the local population, the invaders fire at settlements, seize cars and personal belongings.

– In the temporarily occupied Luhansk, in the local hospital, the occupiers placed a military hospital, completely occupied by the wounded invaders. Part of the hospital is reserved for the storage of corpses, due to the fact that local morgues are overloaded.

– the enemy continues to suffer losses among the leadership. On March 25, Ukrainian defenders liquidated the commander of the 49th Combined Arms Army of the Southern Military District, Lieutenant General Yakov Rezantsev.

In Melitopol, 70 invaders staged a riot – they refused to follow the orders of their leadership and participate in hostilities against the defenders of Zaporozhye.

Ukrainian defenders in Mariupol eliminated another Russian colonel, Aleksey Sharov. He led the 810th Separate Guards Marine Brigade of the Black Sea Fleet.

In addition, the invaders reported the death of the head of the radio station of the communications company, Sergeant Nikolai Yefimov, and the reconnaissance sniper, Senior Sergeant Roman Tazin.

The Ukrainian military liberated the village of Lukyanovka in the Kiev region, destroying about 40 invaders.

At the legendary Chernobaevka airfield in the Kherson region, the Ukrainian military killed Lieutenant General and Commander of the 49th Russian Army Yakov Ryazantsev.

In Kharkov, the Russians fired artillery and Grads at the city clinic. They gave out humanitarian aid. After shelling 4 killed.

Losses of Russians as of March 25:

  • personnel – about 16100 people,
  • tanks – 561 units,
  • armored combat vehicles – 1625 units,
  • artillery systems – 291 units,
  • multiple launch rocket systems – 90 units,
  • air defense systems – 49 units,
  • aircraft – 115 units,
  • helicopters – 125 units,
  • automotive equipment – 1089 units,
  • ships / boats – 5 units,
  • tanks with fuels and lubricants – 72,
  • unmanned aerial vehicle of the operational-tactical level – 53,
  • special equipment – 18.

Latest news from the front:

  • The invaders got into the oil depot near Kiev. Remains burn out.
  • During the day in the Lugansk region, 5 people were killed, 8 more were injured.
  • The armed forces liberated Lukyanovka near Kiev, destroyed the stronghold of the Russians, killed 40 invaders, and are looking for others.
  • On the night of Friday, March 25, the Ukrainian military shot down enemy drones over the Odessa region.
  • Over the past day, Russian invaders fired about 240 times at the Kharkiv region from “Grad” and “Hurricane”, there are victims.

Operational information as of 06.00 03.25.2022 on the Russian invasion:

The grouping of the combined forces is conducting a sustainable defensive operation in the Donetsk, Slobozhansky and part of the Tauride direction in a certain operational zone, concentrating its main efforts on preventing an enemy breakthrough.

So, over the previous day, our soldiers repelled 9 enemy attacks, destroyed 12 tanks, about 20 armored and automotive vehicles, and 9 artillery systems. The enemy lost more than 200 troops.

Air defense units shot down 2 aircraft and 2 UAVs of the enemy.

The grouping of the Air Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine over the previous day hit 6 air targets of the enemy: 1 aircraft, 1 UAV and 4 cruise missiles. Aviation of the Air Force carried out patrolling of the airspace, fighter cover for troops and objects, strike aircraft exerted fire influence on columns of armored vehicles, logistics centers and concentrations of enemy troops.

In Volhynia, the main efforts of the defense forces are concentrated on covering the state border.

The defense operation continues in the Severshchina. The grouping of troops holds the city of Chernigov and holds back the advance of the enemy in the direction of Kyiv. At the same time, the grouping of forces and means of defense of the city of Kyiv continues to repulse the enemy’s offensive, inflicting fire damage on him and steadily holding all certain lines of defense.

In the South, the defense operation continues in a certain operational zone, a stabilization operation is being carried out, and territorial defense tasks are being carried out.

Russian terrorist troops continue to conduct combat actions, deliberately violating the norms of international humanitarian law and the rules of war.

As for the losses of the invaders, during March 25, the Air Force destroyed three enemy aircraft and at least five cruise missiles.

In addition, three UAVs of the Orlan-10 type were shot down in the area of ​​the Joint Forces operation, and an occupiers’ helicopter was destroyed in the parking lot.


Based on materials https://www.pravda.com.ua/