War for Ukraine: 49 days of invasion. The cruiser Moscow`s damaged in Black sea.

Today, April 13, the Ukrainian military fired two Neptune missiles at the russian missile cruiser Moscow. As a result, the cruiser was severely damaged.

The information about the cruised cruiser Moscow was confirmed by the head of the Odessa OVA Maxim Marchenko. “It has been confirmed that the Moscow missile cruiser went exactly where our border guards on Snake Island sent it today. The Neptune missiles guarding the Black Sea caused very serious damage to the Russian ship, “Maxim Marchenko stressed.

We summarize the forty-ninth day of the war and briefly describe our victories and losses.

The night was turbulent for Zhytomyr and Poltava regions, russian troops are conducting active hostilities in Kharkiv, Luhansk, Donetsk and Kherson regions. In the past day alone, the russians fired on the Kharkiv region 53 times. In the Kherson region, the russians shot dead seven people in one house, and to cover up the crime, blew up a house with the bodies of killed people.

The enemy also fired on a railway station in central Ukraine, causing Ukrzaliznytsia to change the routes of a number of trains.
According to The Times, vladimir putin is trying to draw forces to Donbas that will be five times the number of Ukrainian troops stationed there. They predict a big battle.

Meanwhile, the russian military has been ordered to destroy evidence of its crimes in Ukraine. In Mariupol, 13 mobile crematoria were registered to clean the streets of the bodies of dead civilians. The occupiers are trying to identify all potential witnesses to the atrocities through filtration camps and destroy them. On May 9, the Russians are preparing a “victory parade” in Mariupol.

Losses of the Russian occupiers.

Ukrainian military shot down two Russian fighters over Kharkiv region.

As of the morning of April 13, russia’s casualties among the personnel amounted to more than 1,800 servicemen. Also destroyed:
• tanks – 739 (+7);
• combat armored vehicles (BBM) – 1,964 (+18);
• artillery systems – 358 (+9);
• multiple rocket launchers (MLRS) – 115 (+4);
• means of air defense – 64 (+1);
• aircraft – 158 (+1);
• helicopters – 143 (+3);
• automotive equipment – 1,429 (+23);
• light speedboats / ships – 7 (+0);
• fuel tanks – 76 (+0);
• drones of operational and tactical level – 132 (+8);
• special equipment – 25 (+0);
• OTRK launchers – 4 (+0).

Losses of the Armed Forces and civilians.

The russians killed seven civilians in the Kharkiv region last night, and also shot seven people in a house in the Kherson region. To cover up the crime, russian invaders blew up a house with the bodies of killed people.
In Sumy region, the occupiers killed more than 100 civilians, and many people went missing.

According to https://zaxid.net/