War for Ukraine: 52 days of invasion. Ukrainian cities shelling.

During Saturday, April 16, Ukrainian defenders repulsed ten attacks by the russian army in the Donetsk and Luhansk directions. The Armed Forces have damaged the aggressor country.
This was reported on the Facebook page of Joint Forces Operation. They stressed that the Armed Forces continue to defend Ukrainian land.
In particular, Ukrainian defenders destroyed 15 tanks, 3 artillery systems, 24 units of armored vehicles and 10 units of enemy vehicles. Air defense units shot down 4 Orlan-10 unmanned aerial vehicles and 2 cruise missiles in the skies of the Ukrainian Donbass. “Ukrainian servicemen continue to courageously and heroically restrain the invasion of the aggressor!” – it is told in the message of staff of Joint Forces Operation.
Prior to that, the Operational and Tactical Group “Sunrise” reported that the Ukrainian soldiers on April 16 managed to repel one enemy attack and destroy 16 occupiers. In addition, 2 infantry fighting vehicles, 4 artillery systems, 2 anti-aircraft guns and 3 drones were destroyed.
It became known that today in the city of Tokmak in the Zaporozhye region, which is temporarily under occupation, the Armed Forces of Ukraine struck at soldiers of the russian army unloading wagons with ammunition. None of the occupiers survived.

Today, April 16, russian troops fired on Kharkiv for the second time in a day: one person was killed and two were injured.
The enemy used a long-range cruise missile “Caliber”

The enemy launched air and missile strikes on infrastructure and residential areas involving air and sea components.

The enemy did not take active action in the Volyn and Polesie directions. During the regrouping of troops, the units of the 83rd separate airborne assault brigade of the Armed Forces of the russian federation moved by rail from the territory of the Republic of Belarus (Gomel-Novobelitskaya railway station).

The threat of rocket attacks on critical infrastructure from the territory of Belarus remains.

In the northern direction, the enemy completes the regrouping of troops of the Central Military District. It is possible that the infidels will continue rocket attacks and artillery shelling from tussia on the military and civilian infrastructure of Ukraine.

In the Slobozhansky direction, the main efforts of the enemy are focused on regrouping, strengthening the grouping of their troops and continuing to hold positions in the area of ​​the city of Kharkov.

In the Izyum direction, the main efforts of the infidels are focused on maintaining the occupied borders and positions in the area of ​​the settlements of Sukhaya Kamenka, Suligovka, Brazhkovka, Malaya Kamyshevakha and Andreevka.

The enemy is trying to improve the tactical situation, during the day made an attempt to conduct offensive and assault operations and tried to advance into the village of Dovgenkoe. Has no luck, suffered significant losses. To strengthen the group in this direction from the territory of the Russian Federation moved units from the 106th Airborne Division.

After the creation of the strike group and the formation of reserves, the enemy will try to restore the offensive in the direction of Barvenkovo ​​and Slavyansk.

In the Donetsk and Tauride directions, the infidels are trying to exert fire and carry out assault operations in most areas. The enemy strengthened the grouping of troops by moving from the territory of the Belgorod region to the area of ​​the settlement of Svatovo separate units of the Central Military District.

It is likely that the enemy will continue to storm the entire line of contact in Donetsk and Luhansk regions. Focus efforts on capturing the settlements of Popasna, Rubezhnoye, the city of Mariupol, as well as access to the areas of the settlements of Ugledar and Marinka. It will also prepare for the offensive in the Kurakhov and Avdeev directions.

At the same time, there is a decrease in the level of moral and psychological condition of the units of the 1st Army Corps operating in the Donetsk direction. This is due to the large losses of units, the replenishment of which occurred at the expense of the mobilized.

In the Yuzhnobuzh direction, the enemy focused its efforts on trying to establish full control over the territory of the Kherson region and to hold the occupied positions. In Kherson, the Russian occupation administration distributed propaganda leaflets calling for peaceful coexistence with the occupiers. At the same time, the intimidation and terror of the civilian population continues.

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