War for Ukraine. 77 days of invasion. Combat reports.

The Ministry of Defense said that our Armed Forces had won the first phase of the war. However, it is too early to relax, as there are still many weapons and looters in Russia. It is worth supporting our army, because victory will be ours.

We summarize the seventy-seventh day of the war and briefly describe our victories and losses.

Where they attacked:

The occupiers blocked Ukraine’s gas supplies to Luhansk and Donetsk regions. The russian military fired mortars at the territory of Chernihiv region, fighting in the east and south. The air defense also shot down an enemy missile near Zaporizhia.

The forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are succeeding in the Kharkiv direction, where they are liberating settlements, but in general the situation on the front line remains tense. Now Russia is transferring troops from the Kharkiv region to the Luhansk direction.

In total, Ukraine has managed to regain control of the 1,200-kilometer border section, two-thirds of which is the border with russia.

Deputy Defense Minister Hanna Malyar said that the Armed Forces of Ukraine had won the first phase of the war with Russia, but there was still a difficult stage ahead. At the same time, US intelligence predicts Putin’s readiness for a long war.

Losses of the Russian occupiers:

As of the morning of May 11, Russia’s casualties amounted to more than 26,350 servicemen. Also destroyed:

  • tanks – 1,187 (+17)
  • armored combat vehicles (BBM) – 2,856 (+48)
  • artillery systems – 528 (+9)
  • rocket-propelled grenade launchers (MLRS) – 185 (+0)
  • means of air defense – 87 (+0)
  • aircraft – 199 (+0)
  • helicopters – 160 (+2)
  • automotive equipment and fuel tanks – 1,997 (+17)
  • light speedboats / ships – 12 (+0)
  • drones of operational and tactical level – 390 (+10)
  • special equipment – 41 (+0)
  • cruise missiles – 94 (+0).

Losses of the Armed Forces and civilians:

One of the leaders of Lviv football fans was killed in the battle for Mariupol, and a 32-year-old DBR investigator from Lviv was also killed in the war.

The National Guard for the first time announced the losses in the war with Russia, during the full-scale invasion killed 501 soldiers.

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