Needs for assistance to temporarily displaced people from other regions (GO “Dopomoga Zaporizhzhia”)

Needed for temporarily displaced people in Zaporizhzhia (refugees), low-income families with children and pensioners.
Contact person: Mr. Suslenkov A.V.

Phone number: +38 (098) 0874118
Document: letter from “Help Zaporozhzhya”, civilian organization


  • food
  • hygiene products
  • baby food and diapers
  • warm clothes
  • medicine

Planned pickup date:


We leave the details of Charitable organisation “SpilnoDiia” if you want to help with funds donations:
Recipient code: 40653292
Beneficiary’s bank: OTP Bank JSC in Kyiv
MFI: 300528
Account No: UA723005280000026004000020903