Needs for assistance to the Public formation for the protection of public and state order “Miska Varta”

Humanitarian assistance with food, hygiene products, medicines is needed for the staff of the Public Guard for the Protection of Public Order and the State Border “Miska Varta” and for the providing bomb shelters in the Zaporizhia Factory District.
Applicant: public formation for the protection of public order and the state border of the “Miska Varta”.

Grounds: assistance to staff and provision of bomb shelters
Contact person: Gregory
Contact phone: +380 (67) 516 37 77
Number of people to be assisted: 147 personnel + bomb shelter for 300 people.


  • food: pasta, rice, cereals, flour, canned food, coffee, tea
  • baby food (to provide bomb shelters in the Factory District): aged 4 months to 3 years: dry mixes, vegetable, meat and fruit baits
  • personal hygiene products: baby hygiene, baby diapers from the 3rd size; adult diapers: S, M, L, XL; medical devices (insoles or pads)
    medicines: painkillers, sterile first aid pads with one pad or first aid bandage; turnstile; bactericidal plasters IGAR, medical plasters (Leotrans, Leoderm, Leoplast, Leoplast white, Leosan, Leo-aid) or medical plasters (Leopor, Leoped, Leobant, Leofix) or medical fixing plasters Silkofix; Napkins medical (napkins medical atraumatic with furagin) or napkins for treatment of wounds (napkins antiseptic for treatment of wounds with furagin); Gentaxan powder for external use 2 g or 5 g in a plastic bottle or glass dropper bottle or streptocide ointment 10% 25 g in a tube; Sterile medical examination latex gloves “IGAR” or surgical medical latex gloves “Snow White”; Nalbuphine-Pharmex, solution for injection, 10 mg / ml 2 ml in pre-filled syringes, № 1, № 5, Nalbuphine, solution for injection, 10 mg / ml 1 ml or Butorphanol tartrate, solution for injection injections of 0.2%; Ciprofloxacin, film-coated tablets, 500 mg, № 10; Medical elastic bandages 5.0 × 8 cm, 8 cm × 1 m or 8 cm × 1.5 m or bandages for fixing muscles and joints; Hemostatic medical sterile means (hemostatics)

Planned pickup date: on May 13, 2022 at 13:00 p.m.