Needs for humanitarian assistance for residents of Vasylivka district of the Zaporizhia region

As a result of the russian military operations in Zaporizhia region, humanitarian aid is needed for the residents of the Vasylivka district of the Zaporizhia region.
Applicant: Serhiy Kaliman, Mayor of Vasylivka

Contact person: Kaliman Serhiy
Phone number: +38 (06175) 7-26-68
Grounds: letter from Vasylivka City Council letter and Appendices 1, 2, and 3 to the letter


  • food: yeast for baking bread (dry, 80% and 20% wet), canned meat, fish, vegetables, cereals, pasta, vinegar, soda
  • hygiene products, adult diapers XL, detergents, bulk packaging bags, polyethylene film
  • baby food and baby diapers
  • medicines: Euthyrox (tablets), L-thyroxine-Farmak doses 50 and 75 (tablets), Metamine (tablets doses 1000), Cardonate (tablets), Nitroglycerin (tablets), Enaloside (tablets), Amoxil (tablets), Ventolin nebuli (aerosol inhaler), Nurofen children’s (suspension), Salbutamol (aerosol inhaler), Cardiket Retard (tablets), Cerebrolysin (solution for injection), Indomethacin (tablets), Urorek (tablets), Gidazepam IS -Darnitsa (eye drops), Timolol-Darnitsa, eye drops, Pharmadol (tablets), Berlipril (tablets), Levocom (tablets), Neomidantan (tablets), Insulins, anti-inflammatory, antibiotics

We leave the details of Charitable organisation “SpilnoDiia” if you want to help with funds donations:
Recipient code: 40653292
Beneficiary’s bank: OTP Bank JSC in Kyiv
MFI: 300528
Account No: UA723005280000026004000020903

Date of assistance on this request: