New Zealand`s imposed add. sanctions against 44 russia and Belarus firms.

The list includes Gazprom and dozens of military and industrial corporations.

New Zealand has announced additional sanctions against russian state-owned enterprises and defense structures. The sanctions targeted 44 entities, including russia’s Gazprom. The list also includes military and industrial corporations, including six Belarusian defense structures. This was stated by New Zealand Foreign Minister Nanaia Mahuta, according to “Economic Truth”.

According to Nanai Makhuta, russia’s Gazprom and dozens of sanctioned military and industrial corporations play a crucial role in fueling the illegal and unprovoked war in Ukraine.

“These companies, controlled by the Putin government, are of strategic importance to Russia because they provide raw materials, infrastructure, communications, transport, weapons and financing. One of the state-sanctioned companies is Gazprom, russia’s largest company and a key source of gas exports to russia. We have also imposed sanctions on companies that make weapons and military technology and are part of russia’s vast military-industrial complex,” – Mahuta said.

New Zealand companies and citizens will be banned from interacting with russian and Belarusian companies that have been banned.

Nanaya Mahuta also assured that New Zealand “continues to resolutely oppose Putin’s invasion, imposing sanctions and taking measures to support Ukraine.”

It will be recalled that in March, Australia and New Zealand increased sanctions on russia. In particular, New Zealand has imposed additional sanctions against russian politicians and defense agencies, as well as against Russia’s largest banks and financial institutions.

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