Rocket strike on Lviv on April 18. Among the dead are civilians.

One of the missiles with which the russians struck Lviv on the morning of April 18 hit a service station. It happened around 8:30, when the workers were just going to work. Roman Stelmashchuk, director and owner of the Lviv Service Station, told about it. According to him, one of the missiles hit directly at the service station. Some buildings are not subject to restoration. About 40 customers’ cars were damaged and destroyed by the blast. Four workers received non-life-threatening injuries.

We will remind, according to the chairman of the Lviv OVA Maxim Kozytsky, this morning four rockets hit Lviv. According to preliminary information, they were released from the Caspian Sea. Three missiles hit military infrastructure – warehouses that were not used, one – in the tire building. The attack killed seven people, 11 others, including a child, were injured.

The guided missiles, which hit Lviv’s infrastructure on April 18, were sent by Putin’s troops to the Ivano-Frankivsk region, but changed direction at the last minute. Despite the Russian attack, Lviv lives and works in the usual rhythm. The traffic in the city has been stabilized, some directions have been changed. The train station also operates normally. At the entrance to Lviv, when the explosions began in the morning, trains to the city were suspended. However, after the alarm was lifted, trains continued to travel to the city.

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