Russian troops struck at the Kryvyi Rih TPP.

The day before, the occupiers warned of an alleged “provocation by the Armed Forces.”

On Tuesday, June 28, the russian occupiers struck on the territory of the Kryvyi Rih TPP. The chairman of the Dnepropetrovsk regional council Nikolay Lukashuk reported about it.

“Russian occupation forces hit the territory of Kryvyi Rih TPP. The consequences are being clarified,” – he wrote in the Telegram.

He added that the occupiers also fired from artillery shelling at Zelenodolsk and Velyka Kostroma in the Kryvyi Rih district. As a result, one man was injured and had shrapnel wounds to his leg, Lukashuk said.

According to Lukashuk, two enemy missiles hit the territory of the regional center. One flew into the building of the trucking company: almost three dozen cars were damaged in the adjacent territory. Three boxes, several one-story buildings and a hangar were also damaged. The second missile hit the territory of the industrial enterprise, there is destruction of buildings.

It should be noted that the Ministry of Defense of the terrorist state of russia stated that the Ukrainians were allegedly preparing to blow up the Kryvyi Rih TPP in order to accuse the russian occupiers. At the same time, the agency stated that Ukraine would allegedly present to the world community “fake evidence of an attack by russian troops.” The occupiers said in the traditional manner that “the Armed Forces want to create a humanitarian and energy catastrophe in the country to blame russia.”

Later, DTEK’s press service stated that the information of the russian defense ministry was a fake.

“There are no weapons on the territory of the industrial enterprise and never have been. Only TPP employees are present at the station to ensure its operation,” – the statement said.

The company stated that they regard such statements of the aggressor country as justifying the possibility of another terrorist act organized by the occupying forces on the object of civilian infrastructure of Ukraine.

We will remind that on June 28 the troops of the russian federation let out six rockets across Dnipropetrovsk region. According to OVA, the railway infrastructure and industrial enterprise in Dnipro were destroyed due to “arrivals”. Rescuers are working at the site of the missile strikes, looking for people under the rubble. The mayor of Dnipro Boris Filatov reported that in the city the russian missile hit HUNDRED, under blockages there are people. The Ukrainian Air Force destroyed four of the six missiles.

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