The russians fired a missile at the Palace of Culture in Lozova.

The palace was completely destroyed by a direct missile strike.
The rocket hit the Lozova City Palace of Culture, destroyed the premises and caused a fire.

On May 20, the russians launched a rocket attack on Lozova in the Kharkiv region. The rocket hit the Palace of Culture in the city center, the building was destroyed. This was announced by President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Eight people were injured near the palace, including an 11-year-old girl. Seven people were hospitalized, said the head of the Kharkiv OVA Oleg Synegubov.

Two missiles were repulsed, one hit the target at about 15:10. At that time, there was an air alarm throughout Ukraine. The moment of the missile hit was recorded by a surveillance camera in the house opposite.

After the explosion, rescuers put out the fire and dismantled the debris.

According to the Minister of Culture Oleksandr Tkachenko, the Palace of Culture was reconstructed only in 2021. It was one of the largest in the region – had a hall for 1,078 seats. Director of the Palace of Culture Viktor Garashchuk noted that in addition to external works, the premises of the children’s center “Masquerade”, art halls were renovated, new lighting and sound equipment was installed.

“Today, in the middle of the working day, during the session of the city council in Lozova, a russian rocket hit the recently restored House of Culture. There were 5 people in the building at the time of the attack. People miraculously survived, almost all with minor injuries. The video of the missile hit leaves no doubt – non-humans aimed clearly at the House of Culture,”– said Oleksandr Tkachenko.

In total, according to Mayor Serhiy Zelensky, 11 educational institutions were damaged, including five schools. More than a thousand apartments in the city’s housing stock were destroyed.

As of May 19, the Ministry of Culture recorded 353 Russian war crimes against cultural heritage, and 116 such facilities were damaged. The cultural heritage of Kharkiv region suffered the most (94 in the region, 78 of them in Kharkiv). 21 monuments of national significance and 88 of local significance have already been destroyed in Ukraine.

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