War for Ukraine: 25th day of the invasion. Military reports.

On February 24, 2022, after 8 years of hybrid warfare, Putin launched a full-scale attack on Ukraine. For the first 24 days, the Russian army failed to take control of any major city, except for Kherson. Massive pro-Ukrainian protests regularly take place in the temporarily occupied territories.

What is happening in the regions – erection on the morning of March 20 from the heads of regional state administrations:

  • Kiev region: the night passed quietly, the enemy refused to take active steps and actively dig in, building fortifications, trying to establish logistics. Fighting and shelling are going on in Makarov, Bucha, Gostomel, Vorzel. The invader randomly bombards social infrastructure and residential areas. The movement of the enemy was recorded in the Vyshgorod region and Brovarsky.
  • Chernihiv region: the defense of Chernihiv continues, shelling takes place. In Chernihiv there is no electricity, heating, problems with communication, most of them without gas.
  • Sumy region: the shelling of the suburbs of Sumy has been going on for a week, in particular, they were on this night.
  • Zhytomyr region: there was a missile attack on one of the villages of the Korostensky district, an industrial building was destroyed – there were no casualties.
  • Kharkiv region: there were several attacks in Kharkiv at night, there is a fire in residential buildings, rescuers are working. In the evening, as a result of the last shelling in the KhTZ area, 2 civilians were killed, including a 9-year-old child. Attacks from the sky over Kharkiv have significantly decreased, today reconnaissance aircraft are being recorded. The Armed Forces of Ukraine have switched to a counterattack in some areas, and enemy columns are being smashed on distant approaches to Kharkov. Yesterday, in the Dergachev district, a mobile unit of the National Guard destroyed a large number of manpower and equipment of infidels. The Russians are trying to break through in the direction of Izyum, but the Armed Forces of Ukraine are fighting.
  • Zaporozhye region: the night passed without changes, at the direction of the military, a curfew was introduced from 16:00 Saturday until Monday morning.
  • Luhansk region: Lisichansk and Rubizhne were shelled at night. Yesterday there was a humanitarian corridor, so the situation was more or less calm in Severodonetsk. But during the day in Severodonetsk and Rubizhne, about 30 objects were damaged or destroyed.
  • Donetsk region: restless night, shelling along the entire line: Avdiivka, Maryinka, Toretsk. Marinka – attempts to break through. The city is badly beaten. The difficult situation in Mariupol is hunger, street fighting. People are trying to get out of the city on their own.
    Many refugees gathered in the occupied villages near Mariupol – Mangush, Melekino. In the rest of the region, the situation is tense, but mostly controlled, except for Volnovakha.
  • Nikolayevshchina: the city was shelled from hailstones, fighting continues in the region. There is an evacuation from the settled villages and the delivery of humanitarian aid. In some settlements there is no heat and light.
  • Kherson region: restless night, sounds of explosions and shelling can be heard in the region – information is being specified. In general, the situation in the Kherson region is approaching critical every day. In most remote areas and communities where the Russians are located, it is almost a humanitarian catastrophe.
  • Kirovohrad, Dnipropetrovsk, Rivne, Vinnytsia, Transcarpathia, Khmelnitsky, Ternopil, Cherkasy, Lviv, Poltava, Ivano-Frankivsk, Odessa: calm and / or there were night alarms.

Consequences of night shelling on March 19-20, 2022:

  • Five people died in Kharkiv, including a 9-year-old boy.
  • in the Zhytomyr region, as a result of a missile attack, the building of a collective farm barn caught fire – no casualties.
  • in the Luhansk region, in Rubizhne and Severodonetsk, 3 people were killed by shelling, two of whom were children.
  • In Mariupol, the invaders dropped a bomb on an art school where about 400 residents were hiding. According to the city council, the building was destroyed, and civilians are still under the rubble. Information on the number of victims is being specified.
  • The Armed Forces of Ukraine reported on the liquidation of the Deputy Commander of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation for military-political work, Captain 1st Rank Andrey Paliy.
  • It became known that from the consolidated detachment of the 331st Guards Airborne Strike Regiment of Kostroma, which participated in the hostilities in the Kiev direction, one military man survived, and he is in the hospital.

Summary from the General Staff at 18:00 March 20:

– the occupying troops have lost their offensive potential, their advance has been stopped in almost all directions. The enemy continues to suffer damage, has significant problems with the recruitment of subunits and units with personnel, and logistics.
– to make up for losses, Russia is conducting covert mobilization in the Kuban, in the Primorsky Territory, the Yaroslavl Region and the regions of the Ural Federal District. However, the population does not want to participate in the war.
– according to available information, during the visit of the head of the Libyan national army, Khalifa Haftar, to Moscow, agreements were reached on sending Libyan “volunteers” to Ukraine.
– the occupiers began replacing military units with units of the National Guard and the police in Kherson.
– during another attempt to attack Kyiv, the infidels lost the combined detachment of the 6th tank regiment. Thanks to the active actions of the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in certain directions in the Brovarsky district, the enemy units remain cut off from the supply of fuel and food.
– at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant captured by the Russians, for the first time, a partial rotation of personnel was carried out and several people who were at the station were evacuated.
– On March 20, 64 people were taken out of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant: 50 shift workers, 9 employees of the National Guard (8 women and 1 cancer patient), an employee of the State Emergency Service and 4 “stalkers”.
– 46 volunteers went to replace the evacuees, who will serve the station.
– Media reports that Russia is overturning additional trains of military equipment from different regions, including engineering vehicles to build temporary bridges.
– in the Svyatoshinsky district of Kyiv, due to the impact of shell fragments, a fire broke out in a residential building and two cars caught fire – State Emergency Service. Western intelligence agencies estimate that about 1,000 Russian soldiers are killed and injured in Ukraine every day.
– in the Luhansk region in Kremennaya, Russians from a tank fired at a house for the elderly – 56 people died on the spot. According to the chairman of the OVA, the invaders abducted 15 survivors and took them to the occupied territory in Svatovo to the regional geriatric boarding school.
– the invaders kidnapped the deputy mayor of Energodar Ivan Samoydyuk

On March 19, 2022, almost 50,000 people left Ukraine, 21,000 arrived – most of them were men who returned to defend their Motherland.
In general, more than 334,000 of our compatriots have returned to Ukraine since the beginning of open armed aggression – the State Border Service.
According to the Ministry of Defense, the command of the Russian armed forces suffered new losses – the commander of the 346th separate special forces brigade was wounded, the commanders of the 31st Kostroma airborne assault regiment were liquidated; “forges of commanders” – 247 airborne assault Caucasian Cossack regiment from Stavropol; 6th Guards Red Banner Tank Regiment.

What is happening in different directions:
– in the Polesie direction, the enemy is trying to gain a foothold on the captured lines, waiting for the grouping to be strengthened due to the arrival of reserves, preparing for an attack on Kyiv.
– the invaders resumed aerial reconnaissance and shelling of the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine using army aviation and artillery
– in the Seversky direction, the enemy continues to regroup and concentrate forces and means to resume offensive operations. Our defenders inflicted a fiery defeat on the positions of the infidels. Having suffered numerous losses, the enemy is forced to go on the defensive, resorting to mining the area
– in the Slobozhansky direction, the invaders did not carry out active offensive operations. On the territory of the Belgorod region near the border of Ukraine, positions of artillery of high power were found. The enemy does not leave intentions to establish control over the city of Izyum, but lost the combat capability of his units and stopped
– in the Donetsk direction, the main efforts of the enemy are concentrated on the assault on Rubizhne, Severodonetsk, Popasnaya. He tried to break through the defense of our troops in the area of ​​​​the settlement of Verkhnetoretskoye – suffered losses, had no success
The blockade and shelling of the hero city of Mariupol continues.
– in the Yuzhnobuzhsky direction of active
– no active offensive operations were carried out in the Yuzhnobuzhsky direction, in some directions the enemy went on the defensive.
– Regiment “Azov” reports that the Russians shelled Mariupol from the sea!
Four warships of the Russian Navy were used.

General combat losses of the Russian army on the 25th day of the war:

• personnel – about 14,700
• tanks – 476
• armored combat vehicles – 1487
• artillery systems – 230
• MLRS – 74
• air defense systems – 44
• aircraft – 96
• helicopters – 118
• automotive equipment – 947
• ships/boats – 3
• tanks with fuel and lubricants – 60
• UAV operational-tactical level – 21
• special equipment – 12.

According to www.pravda.com.ua