War for Ukraine: 66 days of invasion. Air strike at Odessa airport.

On Saturday, April 30, the troops of the terrorist state of russia launched a missile strike on the Odessa region. As a result of the russian shelling, the runway of the airport was damaged, according to the message of the operational command “South”, which was spread by the spokesman for the head of the Odessa OVA Sergei Bratchuk.

“As a result of a missile attack in the Odesa region, the runway of the Odessa airport was damaged. Its further use is impossible,” the statement reads.

In turn, the head of OVA Maxim Marchenko said that as a result of a missile strike on the Odessa airport no one was injured and killed.

“The missiles were released from the territory of the temporarily occupied Crimea by DBK Bastion,” the official was quoted as saying by Public. Odesa».

Russian troops on Wednesday, April 27, again launched another missile strike on the bridge across the Dniester estuary in the Odessa region. The head of the Odessa OVA, Maxim Marchenko, suggested that by striking the bridge across the Dniester estuary, russia was trying to cut off part of the Odesa region and create tensions amid explosions in the unrecognized Transnistrian Moldavian Republic, where russia holds a “peacekeeping” contingent.

According to https://zaxid.net/news/