The Ukrainian Armed Forces lined up the Russian ship “Vsevolod Bobrov”.

The ship on which the fire broke out was carrying anti-aircraft missile systems to Snake Island.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine lined up the enemy logistics ship Vsevolod Bobrov, as a result it caught fire. Serhiy Bratchuk, a spokesman for the Odessa OVA, confirmed in his Telegram the information that had been spread on social networks yesterday.

“Returning to Zmiiny, I must say that it is true – thanks to the actions of our sailors, the logistics vessel Vsevolod Bobrov caught fire. One of the newest in the russian fleet, “Bratchuk said.

At the same time, a spokesman for the Odessa OVA noted that information on whether the damaged ship was indeed sent to Sevastopol is currently in need of clarification.

Bratchuk stressed that Ukrainian sailors are so bravely defending Zmiiny Island from the russian occupiers that it has already been nicknamed “Zmiebayivka”.

Earlier, Channel 24 reported that russia had lost another ship bound for Snake Island. According to sources in the publication, russia could lose the logistics vessel of project 23120. There are only two of them in russia – “Vsevolod Bobrov” and “Elbrus”. It was reported that the russian ship was heading to Snake Island on the night of May 12. While driving, it suddenly erupted. The russian occupiers tried to deliver the ship to occupied Sevastopol at midnight, and they probably succeeded, but it needs to be repaired after the fire.

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