US Congress finally approves Lend-Lease for Ukraine. Historical event.

On Thursday, April 28, the US House of Representatives approved a bill to revive the World War II program. The new bill will make it possible to send weapons, ammunition and equipment to Ukraine more efficiently.

According to European Pravda, this is stated on the Twitter page of the House of Representatives.

The initiative was supported by 417 legislators, against – only 10.

The document, known as the Lend-Lease Law on the Defense of Ukraine’s Democracy of 2022, will expedite the transfer of important military equipment and other critical supplies to Ukraine by reducing red tape. It allows the de facto donation of equipment, with provisions stipulating that the recipient countries pay their cost to the US at a later date.

On April 6, the U.S. Senate unanimously passed a bill reviving a World War II program that would allow President Joe Biden to more effectively send weapons and other supplies to Ukraine amid russia’s invasion.

The senators were quick to back the proposal, known as lend-lease, as the Ukrainian military proved they could fend off russian forces.

Now the law must be signed by President Joe Biden.

But there is no doubt that the head of the White House will do it. After all, he initiated the expansion of assistance to Ukraine before.

Alena Getmanchuk, director of the New Europe think tank, points out that under the current conditions, the adoption of the law is more symbolic than a practical gesture.

“After the United States gave the green light for the supply of heavy weapons a couple of weeks ago and really got actively involved in this process, this bill is no longer so critical, but serves as an important signal of both faith and trust – faith in the victory of Ukraine and confidence in Ukrainian military-political leadership,” she explains to BBC News Ukraine.​

What does “lend-lease” mean for Ukraine:
The new law contains three main innovations:

The President of the United States is given expanded powers to transfer or lease defense assets to Ukraine for “protecting the civilian population from russian military intervention” and other purposes.
After the adoption of the act, the head of the White House is obliged within 60 days to establish accelerated procedures for the delivery of products – weapons, transport, food and assistance from the United States.
Any loan or lease of defense products by the Government of Ukraine will include conditions for the return, reimbursement and repayment of the loan or lease.

According to Reuters, the law will allow the United States to provide equipment to Ukraine now, and the requirement to pay later is purely technical.

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